Risk Management Solutions

The business reports of Huaxia D&B China (hereafter referred to as HDBC) provide customers with comprehensive business information and scientific risk assessment indexes. We provide high quality data concerning Chinese and overseas enterprises and family tree information acquired from D&B's worldwide networks, enabling companies to make comprehensive appraisals of new, existing and potential customers and business partners and gain deeper

commercial insight.


With D&B’s global database, the largest of its kind in the world, our specialized personnel acquires the information contained in our business credit reports from different channels using special collection tools. To guarantee

accuracy, completeness, timeliness and consistency with the global database, data is cross-checked. Our

commitment to quality enables companies to make complicated business decisions.


Risk managment consulting service


Helping enterprises set up and regulate credit management systems

In the interests of avoiding the increase of credit risk, is it possible for an enterprise to respond quickly to customer loan requirements? Even with comprehensive customer information management, are enterprises able to find a

certain effective solutions to control credit risk? Can enterprises both manage risk and more effectively enhance

core competence? With improvements in technological capability, will enterprises be able to introduce automation

to credit decision-making?  Our answer? An undoubted YES!


At present, with financial officers facing the dual pressures of enterprise growth and risk control, how does one

maximize productivity while minimizing spending? How does one balance the relationship between cash flow/profit

growth and careful risk management? Huaxia D&B China will provide you with the answers you need.

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