Individual Debt Collection

As for the personal credit risk management, Huaxia Finance can provide the financial industry customers with a whole

process of services, including information collection and evaluation, loans due reminding and management of

overdue account.


Effective credit evaluation in early stage is the core of personal credit management .With years of international

experience exchanges and accumulation of practical work experience in domestic market, Huaxia Finance has formed

a set of effective credit evaluation procedures and standards, which enables it to provide comprehensive,

authoritative, reliable credit evaluation services for the customers.


Transforming credit into positive financial resource means developing effective inspection procedures, controlling

every stage of operation reasonably, and solving receivables problems in advance in the whole cycle process of

credit. According to Huaxia Finance’s business analytics, carrying out a timely and effective personal credit risk

management activity could take 90% of the business arrears back for an enterprise, increasing profit and

maintaining client relationship. Finishing this task, however, needs a capable, competent and professional

cooperative partner, which is Huaxia Finance.


Huaxia Finance is in accordance with the working procedures and demands strictly, evaluating and classifying the

overdue account by telephone, letters, drop-in, channel and many other links to avoid the loss that the

overdue account would bring to the client to the greatest extent at the given time.

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