Basic Education and Training about Loss Prevention

Entrusted by Loss Prevention Committee of China General Chamber of Commerce, Huaxia ShangDun International

Education Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has commenced to provide a series of LP training for member enterprises of the commission as a part of the credit education for employees in commercial businesses. The trainings include orientation training, specific topic lecture and training designed for senior management. Besides, Huaxia Education

can offers customized services and makes training plans in accordance with the actual needs and requirements

of clients.


To have the trainings more efficient and effective, Huaxia Education made a practicable and easy-to-understood

telefilm “Loss Prevention Education for Store Staff”, through which the employees in chain and retail businesses

can not only get aware of the basic knowledge about loss prevention, but also learn how to response and act

properly when facing with common incidents during daily works.


In July 2010, Huaxia Education formally launched the LP trainings targeting at store employees and promotion

staff of suppliers in store. By December 2011, Huaxia Education has given LP trainings for more than 20,000

peoples and won high recognitions and affirmations from Loss Prevention Committee, retailers, suppliers,

employees of retailers and suppliers. Huaxia Education will further the cooperation with Loss Prevention

Committee of China to expand the coverage of LP basic education and training.


Security education video overview:                           


1.P Training at the Company’s Site


Wang Qinhua, vice President of China General Chamber of Commerce visits the LP training site

Zhang Shuping, Chief Supervisor of Supervisory Board of China General Chamber of Commerce,

visits the LP training site.

Ren Zhiming, Loss Prevention director of Vanguard visits the LP training site.

Shi Yongxin, LP director of Hualian Hypermarket visits the LP training site.
2.P Trainings at Clients’ Site

LP Training at Beijing Wu Mart Development College


LP Training at Jiyuan Dashang New Century Shopping Center


LP Training at Wilmar (Arawana)


3.Contact Us

Telephone Appointment for LP training 010—8752 1232

ContactsMr. Guo


Training address:


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